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Jinny Henenberg entrepreneur, investor, real estate professional launched City Hub Real Estate to fill a niche in the market. Jinny has bought and sold real estate in the city for decades and realizes that working with a real estate Broker has to be based on trust. Her philosophy is to build a relationship with you wherein your needs, whether it be to buy or sell your property, come first.

Jinny is an avid listener and has always focused on the psychology of real estate transactions. She understands that this is the largest investment most people make in their lives and that property is highly personal. Her clients rely on her for direct, honest, knowledgeable and helpful guidance.

As a native New Yorker, Jinny knows the city in both its grandeur and its nooks and crannies. She will work tirelessly to help you make the best choice for you within your budget. Jinny’s intent was to build City Hub Real Estate based on client satisfaction, not numbers. She knows that satisfied clients are the nucleus of good business and that is how she has built City Hub Real Estate.

Prior to her decade long real estate career, Jinny was an executive consultant working with blue chip firms such as L’Oreal, IBM and Unilever. She understands the value of marketing and communication and strives to make each sale a success.

Jinny currently resides on the Upper East Side and has a second home in the Hamptons. For the decade of her real estate experience, Jinny has been active in the Hamptons real estate market as well. As a second home owner, she understands the challenges second home owners face and the investment involved in this aspect of their lives. She has rented and sold millions of dollars of real estate in the Hamptons and finds that the balance of working in both New York City and the Hamptons is wonderful. She knows that often the same people investing in real estate in New York City also invest in the Hamptons and they love the continuity of working with her and her team in both locales.

So welcome to City Hub Real Estate where you come first whether you’re buying or selling in New York City, the Hamptons or both.  Let Jinny and her team be your East meets West real estate connections. You’ll appreciate the hard work and dedication they bring to every transaction.

Services Offered

Jinny isn’t one to rest on her laurels. After earning her real estate license as a sales agent, she quickly acquired enough knowledge and experience to earn her Broker’s license, the Master’s degree in real estate. It’s her drive and client dedication which allowed her to quickly become licensed at the higher level of Broker in real estate.

She then went on to become a Certified Buyer’s Agent. This enables Jinny to exclusively represent buyers and sellers as their exclusive agent. Anyone represented by Jinny will tell you that having her lend her fiduciary responsibilities to their transaction were a distinct advantage.

As a REALTOR both in NYC and the Hamptons, Jinny has full access to all listings from all agents and agencies. Her goal is to achieve a satisfactory transaction for you. As a result she strives to show all properties to all potential buyers and expose listings to all agents and agencies. 

Jinny brings her services to you, she if more than happy to meet with you in your home or office to preview properties whether they are in New York City or the Hamptons.  Her highly personalized approach to selling real estate means she brings properties to you.

Working with Jinny Henenberg and her colleagues is the first step you can take to make buying and/or selling real estate a success!

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